The Puzzle of Love

I miss you from the bottom of my heart. Every day and night I always dream every word that we ever discuss before. Many years ago we discussed about our future. I still remember the day when I come to your dormitory. It was very important day for us. In that day I believe we will live together, reach our dream, and build the same path for our future. 

In that day I know that I was not the perfect man for you, but I believe that love is like a strongly bridge to connect our hearts. Love is like a puzzle game. We are two of pieces that complete each other and make its perfect. It is our destiny. Now, I’m not only think about you, but also a beautiful baby in your body. Maybe you think I’m “lebay”, as you ever told me before, but let me explain the truth. I miss all of you. You are part of my body. Without all of you, I’m no one.

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