Maybe I'm a Dreamer

Maybe I'm a dreamer. 
But I hope someday I'll walk in this campus, 
learn something in the path of science, 
and nurture my philosophical curiosity
to seek the truth.

Maybe I'm a liar. 
But i had a dream that someday
I'll finding my life in this campus 
which encouraged and provided
all of material that I need. 

Maybe I'm a crazy person. 
Because I always believe that I'm Poseidon, 
a powerful God in Greece mythology. 
I’m Poseidon who controls
the seven seas in the world. 
I’m Poseidon who lives in my sister home,
Athens at Ohio.

I hope someday I'll take a picture
in front of the piece of writing 
on the stone that says 
"Religion, morality and knowledge
being necessary to good government 
and the happiness of mankind, 
schools and the means of education 
shall forever be encouraged."  

Do you think I'm a dreamer?

2 komentar:

darmawati alimuddin mengatakan...

kak yus..selamat,katanya keterima di universitas Ohio yah???wah...keren kak...

Yusran Darmawan mengatakan...

makasih darma. perjalanan saya masih panjang. mudah2an bisa sukses menjalaninya. doakan yaa

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