Imagine There's No Heaven

This Christmas colorized by intimidation. The Jakarta Post says about member of church congregation who gathering in Taman Yasmin, Bogor. They face verbal intimidation from a group of citizens in the area for conducting a Christmas prayer.

christmas in jakarta
The citizens, who claim to represent the interest of local Muslims, demand the prayer to stop or move elsewhere as they considered the activity to be illegal due to the absence of legal permit of the church. The prayer is being held inside of the church, which is still under construction, and also outside where a small congregation gathers around a Christmas tree.

When i read this news, i remember John Lennon from The Beatles, the most influential music group from in mid of 1960s. John Lennon writes a lyric about the irony in a religious relation. He says, "Imagine there's no heaven// imagine there's no country//... Imagine all the people// living as the one.."

Although Lennon emphasized his lyrics to world war, but his opinion is still contextual today. We hear the news about conflict between religious prayers in everyday. Like Lennon, sometimes I want to ask, if there is no concept about heaven, will we fight for each other? Maybe this is sounds strange. Without religion, maybe we will live as the unity of human being. Religion makes us different and separate. Religion creates a wall and putting us into one community, so that why we identified another group as something different to us. 

I hope there are no religions in Indonesia. And peace will down to the earth.

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