Reading Bell Hook, Reading Indonesia

Once I knew a young guy 
who learned philosophy and education 
who read education, anthropology, and sociology 
and who also read a Bell Hook's book about critical thinking 
Now the young guy starts to think about his country: Indonesia. 

Indonesia is a rich country with natural resources 
Indonesia is the biggest island country in the world 
Indonesia is a piece of heaven that fell from the sky. 

But this is just an image…. 
It is only a cover hiding the true reality. 

People never know the truth 
People never know that conflict is part of reality 
In Indonesia, people can kill each other 
because of the differences in religion, race, and caste. 
Where is the young guy who thinks about Indonesia? 

He now reads Bell Hook’s books 
He imagines about black people 
He can feel the dark side of society. 

He sees a candle in the darkness 
He only looks at himself in a mirror. 

Like Bell Hook, he starts to believe 
Education is a kind of liberation 
helping society to find their way to freedom 
Education is the pedagogy of hope 
Which leads people to more wisdom. 

He thinks about action 
He believes about the importance of love and spirituality 
He believes about sharing experiences and learning from the past 
He knows that everything is not simple. 

He will try to be a falling star  
always give the light, 
but disappears into the middle of the universe 

Athens, March 13, 2012

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