A Letter to My Daughter

Today you are 8 ages month
Me and your mother 
the happiest parents in this world
Every time I call your mother
She will happy and talk about you

Now you can smile
Now you can say “mama”
But I’m sad
Cause u can not say “papa.”

But I’m happy cause now you can smile
Your body blooms
As blooms as strawberry
that was asked by your mother when she was pregnant

You’ll become a good girl
You’ll bring the goodness to this universe
You’ll bring a basket with full of miracles and happiness
You’ll share them to the universe

You will flow in the river of joy
You’ll be the source of water that will be drink everyone
Who feels thirsty?

Maybe I’m too idealistic
I plant my hope to you
But you have freedom
Whether you want to follow where the birds fly or not
You have your own freedom my baby

Like Gibran said
You are not my children. 
You are the daughters 
of Life's longing for itself. 

I can give you love 
but not your thoughts. 
You have your own thoughts
I may house your bodies 
but not your souls, 
Your souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, 
which I cannot visit, 
not even in my dreams. 

Me and your mother are a bow
And your are living arrow that sent forth. 

I only ask for one thing
If someday someone asks u who is the one that u really love
I will very happy if you mention your mother
I will very happy if you mention my name as the second

That’s enough for me

Athens, May 20, 2012

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