Lesson Learned from Mr Obama

When Barrack Obama started the campaign in the election day of United States (US) several years ago, he had an interesting slogan to attract the US citizens. His campaign slogan is "Yes, We Can." This is an interesting slogan because he mentions the word "We", not the word "I".  As reported by CNN, the largest media network in the US, Obama said that it means he believes that working together is very important to make the United States (US) as the strongest country in the world. Like Obama, I believe that working together is better than working individually for several reasons.

For those who do not agree with this opinion maybe think that working together may trigger conflict and negative effects. This is true if we think that everyone is an individual person. But this is totally wrong when we think like the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle that human is social animal. We can work together in group as long as we can eliminate the individuality and keep focus on the common goal.

The first is sharing with each other. When we work together, we can learn from each other, say our friends. As we know that there is no person who knows everything, it means that we must learn from other people. Working in group enables us to combine our strength with our friend's strength. This is the best chance for us to improve our weakness by learning from our friends.

The second reason is effectiveness. When we work in a group, we work more effectively than working individually. Sun Zu, the famous Chinese philosopher, said that the Chinese great wall was not completed in one night. The Chinese Great Wall was finished because of an effort by everyone who worked together. It means that if we work on something together, we can finish the project faster still with maximum result.

The third reason is increasing our humanity. When working together, we realize our weaknesses and our strengths from our friends.  We can reflect our knowledge and capacity in order to improve it. We can understand ourselves and open our mind that we are not perfect in every section. That's why we must learn from many sides, not only from our friend, but also from our enemy.

In conclusion, working together is important for us in order to share with each other, effectiveness and to increase our humanity side. Although we have different ideas, but we can combine them together and make us stronger than before.(*)

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