As Brave as Napoleon

Tomorrow is the time. I have the same feeling with Napoleon Bonaparte, the famous French leader, when he went to the battle. I ever read from some articles that Napoleon was nervous when he entered the battle, but he still bravely. Tomorrow is my battle. Tomorrow is the end of what I'm looking for since the first time I came to this city. I'm little bit nervous. Although it is natural for everyone who wants to enter the arena, nervous can be a burden too. I must erase nervous in my mind. Maybe I must control my expectation to the test. I must revise my target before. It is better if I think to do my best and after that let everything happen to the hand of God. 

Oh my God, I mention your name again. When I mention this word, I feel safe because I believe that God never leaves me. But I’m hesitating too. I know for the last month I did not spend my time to talk with Him. Is He angry? I hope not. I hope whatever I’ve done before; He still gives me his great power that can enable me to overcome all of my problems. Tomorrow, I hope everything will be okay. I will enter the battle with brave like Napoleon ever done in previous time.

Be Brave son! Like Napoleon!

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